Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC) hosted the largest gathering of green building leaders, professionals, builders and advocates at the 2017 PHILGBC National Convention held on 17-21 November 2017 at Manila, Philippines.

The National Convention showcased the convergence of leaders from the Philippines’ building and construction industry.  Meaningful and productive dialogue among green building colleagues in the public and private sector were promoted and relevant programs and initiatives that promotes building better and healthier places for people were also highlighted during the convention.

The latest features of BERDE version 2.0, the Philippines' National Voluntary Green Building Rating System recognized under the Department of Energy's Philippine Energy Efficiency Project-Efficient Building Iniative, were presented together with other relevant tools in green building. 

This year, the Philippines served as the host for the World Green Building Council-Asia Pacific Regional Network Meeting. Representatives from National Green Building Councils gathered at various venues during the convention to meet, discuss, and strategize to address the rapid promotion and uptake of green building in the Asia Pacific region.

The PHILGBC National Convention shall also served as venue to celebrate PHILGBC's 10th founding anniversary.

PHILGBC thanks everyone who participated and supported the PHILGBC National Convention, and those who have been part of the decade-long journey of market transformation!  

Cheers to more years of building better places for people!

Meeting of Leaders
World Green Building Council-Asia Pacific Network

17-18 November 2017 | Manila, Philippines

The WorldGBC-Asia Pacific Regional Network is a powerful and collaborative platform where Green Building Councils (GBCs) in the Asia Pacific region exchange knowledge, ideas, and solutions to green transformation of markets in the region. 

Philippines hosted for the 1st time the World Green Building Council – Asia Pacific Regional Network Year-End Meeting.

10-Year Anniversary

17 November 2017 at the Isabela Ballroom, Makati Shangri-La

PHILGBC members, guests and partners from Industry and Government came together to celebrate 10 years of market transformation. Members, organizations and partners that have been significant in the advancement of green buildings in the country in the past 10 years were recognized during the event. The gala event was a venue for for a meaningful exchange of ideas and learnings, and have been a  great opportunity for business networking and fostering relationships for the advancement of greener buildings and green business agendas.

Building Green
CEO Forum

20 November 2017 at the Rizal Ballroom, Makati Shangri-La

The forum with senior management-level representatives and leaders from industry and government, dubbed as the Building Green CEO Forum which was held on November 20, 2017, provided for a meaningful discussion on programs, initiatives and various concerns impacting the advancement of sustainability and green buildings in the property industry.

Some of the topics discussed during the CEO Forum included current and future green building programs and activities from some of the National Green Building Councils within the World GBC-Asia Pacific Region, the Experience of developers, owners and policy-makers who have taken the leadership role in pushing forward green developments, and the supply and demand side of advancing green economies and the green building agenda for the country.

Green Building

20 November 2017 at Metro Manila Green Buildings

The tour of green buildings offered participants an opportunity to see the various features of BERDE buildings and other green buildings in Metro Manila. The experience allowed attendees to learn from the experience of project owners/developers as they build their green building developments.

Buildings visited during the tour included:

1. Net Park at Bonifacio Global City - developed by The NET Group and is currently registered for certification under the BERDE Green Building Rating System and is aimed at achieving 5-star BERDE-rating;
2. Arya Residences at Bonifacio Global City - developed by Arthaland Corporation and is registered for certification under the BERDE Green Building Rating System;
3. The Zuellig Building - developed by Bridgebury Realty Corporation and is a LEED-certified green building with a Platinum-rating; and,
4. The Lagula Lake Development Authority Building - the first Philippine government building to be certified under the BERDE Green Building Rating System.  The LLDA building rated 3-stars under BERDE.                                                                                                                                  

National Conference on Collectively Shaping our NAMA for the Building Sector

21 November 2017 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Manila

The Climate Change Commission and the Philippine Green Building Council and the National Housing Authority are working together on the country’s NAMA for the Building Sector.  

The national conference provided for a venue for knowledge exchange on best practices from the public and private sector. Highlights of the Conference included: (1) Discussion on the NAMA for the Building Sector; (2) Green Financing; (3) Green Tools and Technologies; (4) Green Professionals; (5) Best Practices on Green Building from the WGBC Asia Pacific Network; (6) Latest trends in green developments, and (7) Launch of the BERDE Green Building Rating System version 2.0.  

The National Conference on "Collectively Shaping our NAMA for the Building Sector" is co-presented by the Philippine Green Building Council and the Climate Change Commission, with support from the United Nations Environment.

PHILGBC National Convention

Partners in Promoting Green Technology and Sustainable Development

On behalf of the Department of Energy (DOE), I would like to congratulate the members of the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC) on its 10th year anniversary, a milestone for a dynamic organization that continues to contribute to the market transformation in the country.  

We commend the PHILGBC, an Established Member of the World Green Building Council (WGBC), for your dedication in promoting  sharing knowledge, ideas and solutions to ensure transformation in the market.  

The DOE is very proud to have the PHILGBC as our partner in promoting green technology and sustainable development.  

Cheers on your 10th Anniversary!

(Sgd.) ALFONSO G. CUSI, Secretary, Department of Energy


Towards a Greener Future and New Opportunities

The Chamber sees the great potential and relevance of green building in the Philippines today.  We are grateful that the Philippine Green Building Council is organizing this event to serve as a platform for exchanging new ideas and innovations towards a greener future and hope that this leads to new opportunities between the Philippines and Germany. 

(Sgd.) PETER KOPALLA,  Executive Director,  German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

Towards Broadening our Perspectives for the Enhancement and Upholding of Sustainable Environments

The convention’s aim will challenge all of us to broaden our perspective as it showcases an exchange of knowledge, expertise and best practices in green builiding that enhance and uphold sustainable environment and its community. 

As commited as the frontrunner of strategic ideas on green builing, PHILGBC, the City of Mandaue continues to give its full support to the Council’s endeavors and eagerly looks forward to the success of this convention. We are one in aiming for the promotion of learning on the latest features of BERDE 2.0, green building trends, creating networking for stronger partnerships and enhancing leadership for the success of all the planned projects to promote greener economies.

(Sgd.) GABRIEL LUIS R. QUISUMBING,  Mayor  Mandaue City 


It is imperative now that green buildings should be used in order to promote a sustainable lifestyle. Indeed, unsustainable lifestyles such as living in heat-absorbing/emitting buildings only help to exacerbate warming in cities and contribute to global warming.  
This conference would indeed be a great venue for all of us to learn more about green and  sustainable buildings and help further by promoting such strategies.

(Sgd.) GRACE SAPUAY, President, Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines 

Fostering Best Practices in the Building Industry

The convention’s objectives which bring forth pertinent and fruitful exploration among green building colleagues in the public and private sectors is an effort being supported and continued to promote green buildings ensuring a sustainable environment.

We wish for the success of this convention in coming up with concrete and constructive recommendations in fostering the best practices in the building industry.

(Sgd.) ED GALLINERO,  Managing Director,  PCM Group of Companies | An Affiliate of the Pinnacle-CDMC Group

Summit Host of the 5th Asia Pacific Real Estate Investment Summit


Admirable in every way, we have long believed in the advocacy of the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC) who have, for the past decade, spearheaded the country’s plight towards a greener future through innovative and dynamic initiatives. As such, we could not be more honored to express our support as PHILGBC undertakes the duty of facilitating the largest gathering of green building leaders at the upcoming 2017 PHILGBC National Convention. 

(Sgd.) JOSEPH ANG, Founding Chairman, Worldbex Services International

Towards Local and Nation Building

We laud the organizers for giving opportunities to businessmen to showcase their latest green-inspired products and services in this world-class event as well as the hosting of the World Green Building Council-Asia Pacific Regional Network Meeting where representatives from 18 National GBCs shall meet at various venues to meet, discuss, and strategize to address the rapid promotion and uptake of green building in the region. Thus, we encourage all participants to take advantage of this rare chance for when it is maximized, it can be a great opportunity for everybody involved in this industry. 

To the organizers, men and women of PHILIPPINE GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL, our congratulations for another significant event in the direction of local and nation building.

(Sgd.) Jeffrey R. Sosa, President, Philippine Association of Building Administrators 

PHILGBC National Convention

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